Add a nice overlay modal search bar to your website in a seconds.

How to Add a Modal to a Website?

1. In the administration, go to ‘Search Tools – PRO Settings’.

2. Find a ‘Modals’ section.

3. Choose the modal you like.

4. Add a link ‘#setop-sbo-toggler‘ to any button, clickable icon or navigation item

5. You are ready to go!

Note: It is possible to add a link to multiple clickable HTML elements.

Can I style or edit a search form?

Yes, you can. The search form itself uses only default theme CSS. It can look differently for each theme.

You have full control over the visual, when you edit theme CSS or add custom stylings.

The form is called via WordPress core function get_search_form(); you can use standard WordPress hooks to modify the search bar.

A tiny JavaScript code is written in a vanilla mode, jQuery is not needed. The website performance is kept.